The specifications for the tubing employed for frames used in professional keirin racing in Japan are strictly regulated. Precluded by rule from seeking technical advantage from exotic materials or unusual designs, elite racers redirect their focus upon framebuilders with the requisite skills to render frames of uncompromised accuracy and precise handling.

Within this exacting arena, the prestige of one name stands above others:


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Nagasawa's cast forkends (front and rear), bottom brackets, fork crowns and other frame fittings are renowned among the world's premier framebuilders for their high style and function. naga_do_wh.jpg - 33.0 K

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  • Bottom Bracket Threading: English
  • Tubing: Tange
  • Fork: 1" threaded steerer, 27.0 (JIS) fork crown race seat
  • Seatpost: 27.2

Although these frames are now handled primarily as a custom order, a vestigial inventory of stock frames is sometimes available. Call or email for current stock status of production frames.


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