• About The Shop: Who, where, when and whatnot - the kinds of things you might care to know about us.
  • Track Equipment: Our comprehensive catalogue of essentials and go-fasts for the track specialist.
  • Frames: A roster of the world's premier frame fabricators in a wide range of materials and designs.
  • Specials and Discounts: Bargains on selected items, priced to move them out now.
  • Ordering Information: Please give this a look if you're buying by phone or internet "mail-order".
  • Technical Services: Custom wheelcraft; precision bike fitting; repairs and periodic maintenance; component upgrades; frame alignment.
  • Links: off-site excursions that may be informative or interesting. Occasionally both.

These pages are designed and produced entirely in-house and some of them change frequently. Please bookmark our welcoming page, and reload your browser when revisiting to be sure of viewing the most recent additions and updates.

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