Deluxe Gear Organizer for Track Racers

Please note: the newest version of this item has a blue interior and trim panel on the outside.

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Convenient travel pouch neatly holds chainrings, cogs and tools. Clever folding design incorporates 5 chainring sleeves and plenty of individual pockets for cogs, pump accessories, small parts and tools. Supplied with folding laminated gear chart including all mathematical formulas to calculate gear development and real speed. Made of heavy black cordura material with contrasting green blue trim and interior. Lays flat or hang from railing with toe straps (not included). Highest quality materials with contrasting black & green. Zips closed for security and convenience during transport.

The parts and tools shown here are to illustrate proportions and are not included with the bag.


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Sorry, this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and our remaining stock has now been exhausted. Please see the "Keirin Tote" above.

Is every gear change an adventure or treasure hunt? Sugino steps up with a nifty organizer to fit any budget that includes 5 chainring envelopes and several smaller compartments to hold small tools, pump accessories, small parts and cogs. For those of you in an age group to remember, this bag is quite similar to the well-regarded one offered by Suntour years ago with their Superbe Pro Track group. Ballistic nylon.

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