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We stock two models of high value, large flange track hubs from Formula. Shown above, the new TH30 (front) and TH32 (duplex type, "fixed/fixed" rear) with solid flanges have a bearing complement of traditional cup/cone/bearing ball construction. The photos below depict the TH50 (front), TH52 (duplex type, "fixed/fixed" rear) and TH51 (duplex type, "fixed/free" rear) which are fitted with sealed cartridge bearings.

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Formula's track hub models share the following features and specifications:
  • Over locknut dimensions: Front - 100mm.; Rear - 120mm.
  • Flange diameter at spoke hole centers: 62mm.
  • 9x1mm front axle threads; 10x1mm rear axle threads
  • Duplex type rear hubs:
    • TH32 and TH52 - Threaded to accept a track cog and lockring on both sides of hubshell ("fixed/fixed").
    • TH31 and TH51 - Threaded to accept a track cog and lockring on one side, threaded for a single-speed freewheel on the other ("fixed/free").
  • Wheel axle nuts are included, but lockrings are not.
  • Please see our pricing page for available color and spoke drilling options for the various models.

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