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The large flange "SLR" option (photo above) has relieved flanges and reduces weight about 10%. The standard large (solid) flange version is shown at left.

Phil Wood has been making track hubs for eons, and they've been equally popular among track racers and fixed-gear enthusiasts because of their bulletproof reliability and great variety of configurations available. Production front hubs are available in 28, 32 and 36 hole drillings. Rear production hubs are available in 32 and 36 holes, with either single-sided rear threading or with double-sided threading (fixed/fixed or fixed/free) and standard 120 mm. spacing. The rears may also be ordered in a variety of alternate axle lengths, making the possible permutations and combinations of hole drilling, rear threading and axle lengths truly staggering. Upon special request (at slight additional cost), hubs intended for fixed-gear road wheels can be fitted with axles appropriate for use with quick-release skewers. Two flange diameters are offered: the large flange shown in the photo above and small flange option at the very bottom of this page.

At a modest surcharge, hub configurations are also available in custom drilling options and/or slotted for bladed spokes (see the 18°×24° hubset in the photo above). They're the perfect solution for special aero track wheel projects where the spoke hole options offered by other manufacturers are inappropriate.

Worth noting, the lockring threading used by Phil Wood is the same as Campagnolo (33.5 mm. x 24 tpi [left hand]), and Phil lockrings are chamfered in a way that permits the use of sprocket sizes down to 12 teeth.


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Below: Phil Wood small flange track hubs
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