"Pro Tool Super" for Track Racers

Makino 'Professional Super Tool'

In the direct translation from the Japanese, the name for this pitstop-in-your-pocket might seem a little over the top, but after you see how many trackside functions are packed into this single tool, you'll call it "super", too. Designed by one of Japan's premier framebuilders (keirin and olympic track event frames are among their specialties), here's a synopsis of its features:

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Loosen and secure rear cogs without a chain whip.
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Loosen and secure cog lockrings.
pts7.jpg - 9.24 K
15mm wrench for wheel axle nuts.
pts8.jpg - 8.94 K
10mm wrench to fit adjusting nut on chain tugs.

Note: works best on the most common sprocket range for racing (14, 15 teeth). For seized sprockets, or for sizes larger than 15 or smaller than 14, use a chain whip.


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