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With considerable sadness I report that my canine companion and co-worker Keirin died this past May. He came to work with me nearly every day until his generous heart of just gave out. Most local customers will have come to know him and/or his father Stoker (often by having had to hurdle a Bullmastiff sleeping in the doorway of the shop). I don't know what I'll do in the long term about the pages below, but right now I can't quite bring myself to taking them down from the site and will leave them as they were for a time.

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The old "deadbeats" page follows below -



In January, 2000, our Bullmastiff "Keirin" assumed the Accounts Receivable and Product Tasting position formerly held by his father, "Stoker". Keirin is forced to go on half rations when somebody bounces a check or fails to pick up completed service work or specially ordered parts in a timely fashion. Half rations makes him very cranky. He knows where you train. Unless you have a sub-eleven second flying 200 meter time in you, attempted flight is futile. He is authorized to treat you as food (and you will still have to make good on the check). Deprived of nourishment, he regards even 6/4 titanium as dietary roughage.

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