dog.jpg - 13.7 K Through most of the '90s, scarcely a visitor to the shop had not been stained (often literally) by a greeting from "Stoker", who finally succumbed to old (for a Bullmastiff) age in December, 1999.
Pictured here as a pup with my wife, Barbara, Stoker was nearly void of cleverness. As a companion however, this gargoyle sheathed in folds of brown velvet was without equal and his presence in the shop and at home is still missed.
dad&son2.jpg - August '99 The old rogue did leave us with one of his sons, though. The heir-apparent is "Keirin" (shown at about 10 weeks with his Dad). We've groomed Keirin to assume the Accounts Receivable and Product Tasting responsibilites in the shop that his father had, and he's turned out to be remarkably like Stoker in temperament and complete lack of guile.

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